It Must Have Been Love

Every now and again I like to take a nearly unedited pic to post on my blog.  I love spending hours editing images and making them what I want.  But sometimes it is nice to see what the pics look like without all the “magic”, right?

SO I thought this was the perfect opportunity, since this bed is BEYOND amazing and doesn’t need a thing done to it in order to look so!  It comes in a few bedding options, AND there will be an ADULT version available as well.  Although this PG version is packed with some cute cuddles anyway!

As the SLingle girl..I had to just sob on the side of the bed and contemplate my solitude. Pathetic.

I’m not including any style details, since mostly this post is about the bed, which can be found at Trompe Loeil!

Have a wonderful Sunday y’all <33

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