Don’t Take It Personal

I wanted to share how lovely the new PXL Faith skin is with y’all.  I’m wearing the Sunkissed tone, and it comes with some fantastic eye makeup and lipstick options.

I also wanted to talk about my hair.  I’m wearing one of the new styles from Dura.  If you know of the shop then you probably also know that in some aspects colors are limited.  For example, my being a redhead…they offer a “Sienna” color, but it really just seems like a muted brown tone to me.

Right now I know some of you are confused because the photo above I’ve CLEARLY got some bright red hair, but that is what I wanted talk about – Dura’s hair is modifiable, so I tint it to make it work for me.

I thought I’d point that out because maybe it isn’t something you’d consider doing, I promise it is super easy though.  It might not have ever even occurred to you actually…soooo I’m throwing it out there.  IF you find a hair you love, but maybe it’s not quite the color you want…modifying/tinting it might be a fix!

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