Just Give me A Reason

I don’t get much of a chance to do something a bit more dramatic, or maybe I’m just lazy.  Probably the latter.  But this gown just needed some dramatic lighting, so I went with this!  Good experiment for me playing with black and white settings, and adjusting hues…to get this slightly sepia tone.

Anyway, this gown is really gorgeous, and you get a lot of options with it, you can wear it as a pantsuit as well.  The top can be worn with out the semi sheer insert, with our without the sash and the gloves and collar are also optional. There are sheer panties and bra, AND stockings that come with it too!  Plus, you cannot see the back of the gown, but it is very revealing with a deep cut option.  One of the prettiest new things I’ve gotten with soooo many options!

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