NEWS: Congrats to Graduates

Congrats to Graduates of MODA Modeling School

On December 9th, 2012 graduates, Ivyana Szondi and Katie Greymyst,  put their skills to test on the catwalk in a fashion wearing gowns from Mami Jewell of AZUL and makeup by Sam Deluxe of BEAUTIFUL DELUXE BODY ARTISTRY.

After some persuasion from family, Katie Greymyst took the leap to start her modeling career by joining MODA. Katie has a great personality. She consistently displayed a positive attitude and willingness to learn. With her unique look and personality, Katie is destined to be a successful model or whatever area she decides to work.

Ivyana Szondi brushed up on her modeling skills after a long absence. Amazing skill and professional attitude, Ivyana has worked in various areas of the industry. With her newly acquired confidence and skills,  she will do well stepping back on the runway.

MODA  staff is truly proud of Katie and Ivyana’s  accomplishments!! We are blessed to work with them and will always be part of the MODA Family. Congratulations!

Original content from MODA Fashion SL

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