I had another post that was supposed to come first, but since my lovely blogging company (pictured above) move WELL faster than I do.  I had to quickly knock one out – so to speak.

Sophia Harlow has been teasing me about my tatas for quite a while now, turns out she was just envious.  She now has her very own set, so she asked me to join her and her friend AliceinChains Arun (who from what I hear is quite the boobie expert herself) for a little boobfest. *I am trying to see how many times I can mention breasts in one post really*

Anyway, it was good fun… I managed to find a great top to show off the girls – which speaking of – designers, c’mon we need a larger selection of high quality applier clothing, make it happen.

Hope you enjoy all the cleavage!

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