5 Year Blogiversary

April 16th was my official 5 year blogiversary, but I forgot (of course).

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging 5 years now.  I can remember the very first blog post, and the reason I got started – like it was yesterday.  And now here I am 551 blog posts later, I think this is probably one of my most long-lasting commitments, which is impressive (if you know me).

I thought I’d share a few of my faves from over the years, and I will include links if you’d like any of the style notes! All of the following correspond with the images above starting from top left:

  • Stereo Heart (August 18th 2011) – This is probably my all time fave post because of how ridiculous and funny the whole process was. This was the first time I’d met Bouncer Criss, who has since made quite a few guest appearances on my blog.  We wanted to step outside our comfort zones and do something wild.  Only rule was “No Black”.  See how well we stuck to that huh?  It ended up being a really gorgeous shot that I was quite pleased with, and Bouncer will hate me for digging it up and posting it again because I got him to wear makeup. LOL!
  • Try (October 14, 2012) – I got it in my head that I really wanted to work on a shot in the hay-field behind my house.  I think I spent longer on this edit than I have on any other blog post and I’m still pleased with how it turned out.
  • Here With Me (January 12, 2012) – I love this blog for a few reasons.  First because I love the sim that I shot the images on, if you’ve never been to Venexia you really must go. I also loved that I got to dress up in a bit of RP clothing, but mostly I love that during my visit I ran into DRACULA. Notice the shocked look on my face?
  • Red Headed Woman (January 6, 2012) – I think the love for this one is self explanatory – Redheads do it better.
  • Turn Me On (January 28, 2012) – I love this shot, not only because of the great company (Shyla Diggs), but because it was a fun destination, and setting it up took ages.  We shopped for hours trying to get just the right look, and it turned out amazing.  Though if Shyla had done the pic it would have been a million times better!
  • Donna Flora A to Z: O is for Oriente (March 5, 2012) – This one I think I love simply for the amazing find with the location and all of the really bright fun colors.
  • Daydreamer (September 25, 2011) – I had to share the only guest spot I have by Tricky Boucher on my blog.  Not only was he gracious enough to agree to it, but we got to spend the whole day together shopping and goofing off which rarely happens these days – so this one is a gem.
  • Wish You Were Here (November 16, 2011) – Great thing about this shot was that it was more or less accidental.  I didn’t anticipate it would be so simple and perfect and I am pretty sure I didn’t even edit this!
  • If I Die Young (June 16, 2011) – I loved everything about this look when I put it together, then I loved the pose I choose and finally the lighting turned out perfect.
  • Human Nature (April 5. 2012) – I was inspired by a RL blog that I read regularly, which quoted a Madonna song and I spent a bit recreating the look Madonna had in the video and then sharing some of my personal thoughts.  It was a step outside my usual fashion box.
  • Titanium (May 1, 2012) – Since Sophia Harlow is probably the most regular “guest” on my blog I thought she deserved a place in the list!  Plus – I love this pic of us =)
  • This Kiss (November 25, 2012) – Welp, I had to add a boob shot, ya know?!  =P

And with that – Thank you to all of my readers who visit the blog and check out what I’m up to.  I started this blog entirely for myself as a little diary of what I was wearing and it has turned into something I’ve loved for the last 5 years, maybe more than anything else in my SL.

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