Here Comes The Rain Again

Collabor88 has a really fun theme this month!  I love all of the things the creators have come together to make it work too.

I’m sharing a few of my faves – The umbrella, hair, top and skirt are all from this round!

I love the flower that is on the underside of this great umbrella, and there are a few cute poses to hold it, this one worked well with the pose I was using on the balcony.

One of those great things I’ve mentioned before about collabor88 is that you can piece together different tops/bottoms and they all work so well when everyone is working off the same theme – which is exactly what I did here.

And finally this skybox!  I LOVE it…so much that I’ve set up my new residence in it.  It is set to a rainy theme, and comes complete with the rain! Love!  I thought I’d share some interior shots so you can see just what a perfect layout it has (besides being absolutely gorgeous to look at):

For me – small spaces are ideal.  I like to be able to fill them up with all of my favorite things and make it feel just like home. So the “studio” feel of this space suits me perfect.  While the bedroom/living/kitchen are all open they still have definite defining spaces.  Plus the perfect roomy bathroom.  So happy to be “home”!

Visit collab to check all these great finds out!
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