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This post is where I share some of my favorite things from The Arcade. ALL of this:

AND ALL of this too…

AND yeah you might need some of these cuties too…


Seriously though – the amount of talented creators working together to bring you all sorts of clever gacha items – IN-FREAKIN-SANE.

You need every last item from that Apple Fall Gacha machine – The Breakfast at Tiffanys set.  Not only is the idea clever and fantastic, etc.. the quality of those mesh items – ridiculous.

And how about those games?!  OMG.. the detail that went into all of them, and the great selection?!  So amazing, you need all of them too….sorry.

And the piggies… I really dunno what to say about them besides yep.. you need them.  Not because they will prove any real use…but they are too fucking adorable to not own.

In my first image I’m wearing a native american headdress…this can also be found at The Arcade along with the dress.  I really wanted to share this because I fell in love with it the second I saw it on the machine. SO well done.

Alright – unfortunately you’ve got to wait a couple more days before you can shop – but head over to the official Arcade site and have a browse of all the items that are available, so you can make a shopping list!  =P

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