What Now??

To quote my all time favorite show:

“I have this little substance abuse problem… expensive footwear…”  ~ Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

Luckily in Second Life I can really pack a punch with the obsession and not damage my RL bank account nearly as much.

So.. Shoetopia is like my crack, okay?  The theme that Sophia Harlow and Anessa Stine brilliantly came up with: Shoe Heaven is fabulously interpreted with the build:

The event spans 2 sims and the whole build “floats” above the clouds.  Everything is not only gorgeous to look at, but very simple to navigate.  You know I’m a stickler for that sorta thing when it comes to events.

Anyway… Shoes.  I mean, build is great but we are here for the shoes aren’t we?  I thought I’d kick it off with this gorgeous pair of boots that are designed for the all new extra high-heeled feet from Slink.

I couldn’t resist the chance to sneak in some great clothes that are available at the new round of Collabor88 as well.  You can get this hair, corset, skirt and jewelry at the event!

OH I almost forgot!  The pose!  You can try you chances to grab it out of the gachas at Shoetopia, you will want the whole collection though – fair warning!

You cannot get into Shoetopia until the 15th, but be sure to hit up Collabor88 in the meantime! <3(…)
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