Because Sometimes 25 Isn’t Enough

All The Shine of a Thousand Spotlights

So let’s begin by adding some pink and orange and yellows and lilacs
well, you get the idea 😉
Now that my old Mac seems to be working in crisp condition, almost like new,
let us see for how long the thrill of being able to visit beautiful sims and events without crashing 
or having to wait at least 20 minutes for things to completely rez will last us.
As I said before, I do love my dark background photos but why not add color sometimes 
and give my photos some light and life to them. Right?
So we agree!
Peace & Love beautiful world!
Hair ~ Finding You ~ Exile
Flower Wreath ~ Anna Wreath (Yellow) Gacha RARE ~ LODE
Outfit *NEW ~ Jennifer ~ Belle Epoque
Maitreya Mesh Body
Model & Photographer Lori Novo

Thanks for your visit my beautiful people
and to my wonderful ●Sponsors for their kind support!
Mucho Amor,
Lori Novo
Designer Chirzaka Vlodovic
Designer Janire Coba

Belle Epoque – Jennifer
Legacy – Maitreya