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Nobody knows pretty girls make graves

Worn: Seniha. Weiland Set @ COSMOPOLITAN EVENT Besom~ Hylde Vibing — Elizabeth Necklace — Onyx @ N21 Yummy – Eclipse Septum Cosmetic: –SU!- Sparkling Holiday Eyeshadow .euphoric ~Becky Makeup&Eyes Collection ~[Genus] Pose: Lyrium. Blogger Series Set 2 Decor: MINIMAL – Insomnia Bedroom Room  anxiety %apt830 murder table anxiety %apt830 torture chair anxiety %apt830 knives anxiety… Continue reading Nobody knows pretty girls make graves
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Too much time, losing track of us Where was the real? Undefined, spiraling out of touch Forgot how it feels All the messed up fights and slamming doors Magnifying all our flaws And I wonder why, wonder what for It’s like we keep coming back for more   Hair: Besom – Cheeky in Browns Dress: LB – […] Continue reading
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