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I’ve always liked to play with fire


pr!tty – Lille (Headband ears included) – [All Color Huds] @ N21

neve intimates – caged neutral @ Fetish Fair

Beusy: Amor Ribbon Choker Set @ Kustom9

Yummy Art Deco Rings @ Collab88

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Nobody knows pretty girls make graves

Worn: Seniha. Weiland Set @ COSMOPOLITAN EVENT Besom~ Hylde Vibing — Elizabeth Necklace — Onyx @ N21 Yummy – Eclipse Septum Cosmetic: –SU!- Sparkling Holiday Eyeshadow .euphoric ~Becky Makeup&Eyes Collection ~[Genus] Pose: Lyrium. Blogger Series Set 2 Decor: MINIMAL – Insomnia Bedroom Room  anxiety %apt830 murder table anxiety %apt830 torture chair anxiety %apt830 knives anxiety… Continue reading Nobody knows pretty girls make graves
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