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SKIN [ Fiore ] Sienna ~ SPF30

EYES [ JOE SL ]  Rihanna Mesh Eyes ~ Brown
HAIR [ Elua ] Kira ❤ { @ Kustom 9 }
LASHES [ Mai Bilavio ] Celebrity Boudoir Lashes 
HAT [ Le Primitif ] Grandpa’s Favorite Hat ~ Black
RINGS [ Minimal ] They’re a mix of the Tifa rings and the Zima rings { Ors rocks! }
BRACELET [ [BUC] x BENJAMINZ ] Feather Moon Phase Bracelet
GLASSES [ Noodles ] Kelley Sunglasses ~ Champagne { @ Collabor88 | until March 6| info }
EARRINGS [ Maxi Gossamer ] Mata Hari { @ Collabor88 | until March 6| info }
BAG [ Glow ] Gatcha Bag Kitten Ohhh!  { past Arcade item }
ICE CREAM [ 8f8 ] Stracciatella Ice Cream { past Arcade item } 
( ^ this is a rez-able object that I wore with a separate holding pose by Label Motion ) 
CAT [ Fasionably Dead ] Cat – 10 Scared 
TOP1 [ Coco ] Biker Jacket Over Shoulders ~ Copper
TOP2 [ Pixicat ] Siren Top { past Epiphany item } 
SKIRT [ The Secret Store ] Peggy Pleated Skirt ~ Crimson { @ Collabor88 | until March 6| info }
( ^ I tinted this in-world a little )
SHOES [ Pure Poison ] Strings Pumps { @ Collabor88 | until March 6| info }
And…as always, basics are listed [ here ]

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Always Room In My Home & Heart

Every time I begin to set up a new living space in Second Life, there is always something missing. No matter how much I adore the building, there always seems to be too much room. Look at this stunning Jasmine House from The Scarlet Creative, it i…
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Earning My Stripes

Pushing through when you are fighting fatigue and exhaustion is a special kind of ability, and one I seem to be lacking for the most part. Today I have managed to do it, but who knows what tomorrow may bring. I figure every push is like earni…
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Tale of Tails

It’s been a bit of a week for me, and being under the weather does not agree with me so very much. It certainly gets in the way of my ability to blog, which is a shame because there is so much worth blogging on the grid lately. When I finally made my w…
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Patchwork Cute

This post took a whole lot of effort to piece together, just like a patchwork quilt. I took me days to get the style together, then to hunt for a cute location, another two to finally get my photos done (thank you SL), and yet another day to track…
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Summer Music Festival

Just a chill look fit for any summer music festival. Casual, cute and cool with bits and pieces I have been collecting at some of the amazing events this month. Make sure you check them out while you can, you wouldn’t want to miss the festival express….
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COLLABOR88 – The Fates: Clotho

This month marks the three year anniversary of COLLABOR88, and it is a shopping experience of truly epic proportions. There is so much stunning content of every kind, and easily twice as many vendors as ever before. The theme is Odyssey, and …
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Valkyrie In The Mist

I have recently been introduced to a new series of Paranormal Romance books, the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole. They are something to keep my mind off other things, especially at bedtime when I often struggle with nightmares.  One of…
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Looking For Something Else

This post really isn’t about new things, it’s more about digging into my inventory and showing off things I have picked up at various events and shops, but have yet to wear. It’s a summer casual look that is all about comfort, and perfect for a little …
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