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In All Fairness . . .

Santa was not a good employer . . . “I’m a lunaticI’m what God forbidsA mad, mad womanI build ships to wreckA crazy b**chAnd a bad, bad woman”~SevdalizaCREDITS:On Me:Gail Hair by Limerence @ Winter Trend Fair *New*Lil Santa Gacha: Dress Black RARE…
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2017 1110 The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – {aii}, #hashbang! & OLQINU

— The Fantasy Gacha Carnival- {aii} –  Fumetsu no GACHA+ Maitreya Body Stardust + {aii}+ Crimson Lantern Sakkat + {egosumaii}+ Fumetsu no Kiseru + {egosum}+ Lace Bow (size 2) + {egosumaii}+ Painters Tail + {egosumaii}+ Paper Birds + {aii}+ RARE Fumet…
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2017 1106 The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – NAMINOKE, OLQINU & Poet’s Heart


— The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Nov 7th 0AM SLT~)

– NAMINOKE *N*J-clock eye-lenz 

*N*J-clock eye-lenz L #Rare-1
*N*J-clock eye-lenz R #Rare-2

– Poet’s HeartRecycled Accessory Gacha

PH – Recycled Accessory – Welding Practise Parasol RARE

OLQINU cyber survivor gacha

 OLQINU : cyber survivor <decadent street> [39LI] 20 RARE
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <digital butterfly [error]> 5
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <digital butterfly [loading]> 4
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <digital butterfly [reality]> 6
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <future fruit [awakening]> 9
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <future fruit [evolution]> 8
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <future fruit [transformation]> 7
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <neon sign [barking bar]> 14
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <neon sign [black clinic]> 11
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <neon sign [black market]> 18
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <neon sign [foundation]> 17
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <neon sign [lost city]> 12
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <neon sign [mad pill shop]> 19
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <neon sign [moon corp]> 15
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <neon sign [no sleep club]> 13
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <neon sign [satellite]> 16
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <neon sign [subliminal]> 10
 OLQINU : cyber survivor <sci-fi visor [hello world]> 3

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Watch How You Play

I think we’re alone now,There doesn’t seem to be anyone around.I think we’re alone now,The beating of your heart is the only sound.CREDITS:On Me:Colorsplash Make-Up CATWA applier by Amara Beauty @ The Dark Style Fair *New*Maxine Hair by Limerence @ Hai…
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Fright Night

In a darkened part of the house, sinister things are said to occur. The darkest fears reach out to confront you as you struggle to swallow it down and be brave. But, then the doll’s eye moves, following your movements and you lose your cool, screaming …
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2017 1005 [The Forge]@Salem | The Nightmare Event – [RA] Hair & OLQINU & {C&C}

— [The Forge]@Salem[The Forge] Morgan Dress – Maitreya— The Nightmare Event- [RUNAWAY HAIR][RA] Wicca Hair /w hat- {C&C}Shadow Room Skybox- OLQINU OLQINU : gothic nightmare gacha (20types) -OLQINU : gothic nightmare <blood bottles>OLQINU …
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I’ve Been Lonely

I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
— Pablo Neruda

I've Been Lonely


Hana 01 (On Catwa Lona) by Amara Beauty @ Souled Out *New*
Akane Gacha Set: Dress Black Red RARE, Arms Black Red RARE, Legs Black, Ribbon Black by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ The Epiphany*New*
Morning // Leila by LCKY @ The Epiphany *New*
Heartbreaker Rinkaku by Ghoul @ The Mysterious Forest *New*
Sparkle.Pearl Kawaii.Kuma Ears! {Red} by Epic! @ The Hidden Chapter *New*
Pose: Within Me 1 by Bauhaus Movement

Mysterious backdrop <god> by OLQINU @ Stage 02: The Mysterious Forest *New*

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