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Let’s spend an evil night together

Worn: – Safira – Clair Set @ The Epiphany Vanity Hair::[email protected] On9 Decor: [Merak] – Witch’s Posions Drink Cart @ Equal 10  Drinks Cart Pick Your Poison Witch’s Brew Glasses and Bottle Witch’s Coasters Zombie Apocalypse Cocktail Poison Apple Cocktail Zombie Apocalypse- Cocktail Dispenser Absolut Masquerade Cocktail [Merak] – Modern Witch Candles SAYO – Regina… Continue reading Let’s spend an evil night together
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Primal Love

In my primal loveDon’t try to cover me from what I’m feelingIn my primal loveDon’t be afraidIn my primal loveI see where all the burning fire’s hiddenIn my primal loveI see your flame~FKA x incCREDITS:On Me:Madeline Hair by Pheonix Hair @ Hairology *Ne…
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Guess who’s not back … not back again … Prinny’s not back, tell a friend …

No, I am not coming back to blogging. I just had an itch and my remaining sponsors helped me scratch it. Thanks for the loyalty that you’ve shown me that I have not shown you.


I have three designs here, all by the same creator.
Original mesh designer 

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