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Princess Party…

N21 is open and Dust Bunny have the ‘Celebration’ set all ready for your next party.  The ‘Celebration’ fatpack consists of 2 versions of the full set, including the exclusive ‘backdrop’ which is just so beautifully done – a pile of ribbons strung…
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Providence River

Despite all the fun colors of this round’s Collabor88, I went straight for the more autumnal tones, which is–well–par for the course in my real life. This look was inspired by Laura Tully, a stylist and fashion blogger from Boise, ID, who I follow on Instagram! She shared a picture of herself wearing a pleated… Continue reading Providence River
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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day! I am going to be exhausted after work tomorrow so I thought I should post tonight, but for some of you, it is already time to celebrate! I’m bit of a loner and saw myself as a confirmed single in high school. I might get married in the future (if I… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day
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Genre – Baroque Down Palace

This may be your one and only chance to see most (if not all) of my skin. I am notoriously modest with my avatar, at least in public, but this stunning Sarah pearl harness from [deviousMind] got me to strip down and roll around on my equally fabul…
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