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I’ll find you and I’ll kill you.

Pose : Not sure what pack, but the creator is WrongBackground : globophobia by the Weekend Ruiner (Free Group!)All of the things : Body & Hands : [SIGNATURE] Gianni – Mesh BodySkin : STRAY DOG – DYLAN @ The Mens Dept.H…
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. i’m lost and the shadows keep changing .

Head ~ Catya (Catwa) Skin ~ Monica Skin (L’Etre) Hair ~  61E (barberyumyum) Eyes ~ Astrid Eyes (Suicidal Unborn) Lipstick ~ Vivid Matte #1 (L’Etre) Bindi ~ the Heart Gem Moon Bindi (Olive) Septum ~ Double Diamond Septum (PUNCH) Outfit ~ Top, shorts, shoes, latte, and *EXCLUSIVE* sleep mask all parts of the Halloween Slumber Gacha (Quirky) [out soon @ Epiphany] Tattoo ~ Wrath Tattoo […]
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The Flowers of Evil

I’ve been runningFrom the bloodlessFor fear of exileFor all of my sorceriesThat shun the lightThat shun the light~Marilyn MansonCREDITS:On Me:Cassandra Hair by Phoenix @ Salem *New*The Rianelle Tops by Plastik @ The Nightmare Event *New*Pumpkin Mess He…
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A Little Break…

Credits: Pose: Imitation – Isla (anyBody, Round 1, September 4-15) Hair: Tableau Vivant \ Rossella  (The Arcade Gacha Event, 5th Anniversary Gift, FREE, September 1-30) Eyes: Collar: Mosquito’s Way – Pam Choker ( Imaginarium Event, Free Group Gift,September 1-30) Outfit: Uniwaii – SWITCH BlackG (anyBody, Round 1, September 4-15) Arm/Leg Bands/Mask: :ESSENCE:#SUBMISSIVE BLACK (anyBody, Round 1, September 4-15) Tattoo: GUHIT […]
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