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What is Fashion Consolidated?

Fashion Consolidated (or “FashCon“) is the largest general fashion and av-related group on Second Life®. Many hundreds of designers sign up to FashCon to send notices of their latest fashion, skin, hair, animation and other av-related releases so that you, treasured shopper, can always stay in touch with the very latest in Second Life style by joining just one group instead of every designer’s group in town. It’s a great way to get really broke really quickly. Check the current list of designers. You’ll also sometimes get exclusive FashCon freebies from kind designers, news about fashion shows as they happen, sales etc. It’s free to join as a buyer! Simply press Second Life’s “Search” button at the bottom of your screen once logged on, click on the “Groups” tab, and type “Fashion Consolidated” in the search box. Click “Join (L$0)“. For designers, please see the Apply page for more information on how to post notices. For more why’s, how’s and what-the-heck’s, see the FFAQ.

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