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I posted an IM to the Fashion Consolidated group and all I got was this lousy URL. Why?

Group IMs on Second Life® can be a painful affair and FashCon has a strict policy to limit the damage. Group IMs are strictly disallowed for anything but administration in the main Fashion Consolidated group IM (this policy changed – see this page). Whoever posted this page to you is following group policy. Please don’t respond in group IM: instead, read the Group IMs section of the FFAQ now on what works in FashCon, and for some great resources where you question will be answered. Don’t be upset you got this: it’s just to keep group sanity.

Currently, group IMs are often a pain on Second Life: out of sync responses delayed by many minutes cause a cascade of replies, misunderstanding and frustration to group members. This page is an attempt to stop this cascade of “IM” – “reply” – “don’t spam!” – “what?” messages.

Note that there is another group called Fashion Consolidated Cafe that you can join for unrestricted chat in group IM. Please join if you want to ask questions and talk to other FashCon members and designers. Comments below apply to group IMs in the main group, Fashion Consolidated only. If you can’t find the Fashion Consolidated Cafe group, try the “All” tab in Search, or search for “consolidated” and click on the Members column in group search results. So for more general chat please “take it to the Cafe”.

If you asked a general fashion question, please ask in a group designed for that like Fashion Emergency, or ask in Fashion Consolidated Cafe, never in the main group.

If you asked whether your notice had been received, please instead ask a friend on FashCon, or even better in the Fashion Consolidated Cafe group, but never the main group.

If you want to apply to be a FashCon designer, see the Apply page.

If you hate misdirected group IMs and are thinking of yelling “shut up” in group IM, stop and turn around and don’t do it. You risk your membership in the group.

If you actually just spammed an ad, you’ve probably been removed by now.

If you’re thinking of just going ahead and responding in group IM anyway after reading this, think again: you’re likely to be removed from the group when you do.

If you see anyone using group IMs contrary to the group policy, don’t shout at them in group IM. It’s just propagating the problem and you will be removed from the group swiftly. The only acceptable response is a one-line reply with the URL of this page: Wait 30 seconds and if no-one’s sent it, paste this URL into group IM as a reply. They’ll follow the URL, read this page and learn. Or even better, IM them privately and politely to tell them about how this works. Thanks.

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