Because Sometimes 25 Isn’t Enough
Honey Fairweather

Who is Honey Fairweather?

Honey Fairweather is the founder of Fashion Consolidated, and completely to blame for all of this. She’s the rather over-striped figure on this website. Worringly, her name is an anagram of “‘Neath a fiery whore”. There are a few interviews around but stalking her inworld works best. If you’re a designer who would like to send notices of new releases to FashCon, visit the Apply page here. If you need help after reading the FFAQ, please contact the relevant member of FashCon staff below:

  • Sun Michalski/Sun Graves: FashCon Content Moderator: for queries about notice content, spam, what to send as a designer
  • PK Emmons: FashCon Kiosk Maintainer: for queries about getting and using a FashCon kiosk, and the FashCon HUD

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